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Purpose-Driven Approach to Career Fulfillment

Our aim at Hello Coach K has and always will be to help reach your career goals through a purpose driven approach.


Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching tailor-made just for you.

Career Planning

Working towards a Career that is both spiritually and financially fulfilling.

Career Mentoring

Partnering you with a passionate and experienced Career Mentor

Career Planning

Our Tailor-made one-on-one sessions are specifically designed for you; to suite your personality and body language, the position that you are applying for, what organization you are interviewing with, the salary band of that position in terms of seniority, the type of interview, the panel that you would be meeting with, the industry standard and requirements as well taking into consideration what stage of the interview process you are preparing for.


We design tailor made workshops for high schools, Corporate organisations, SME’s and institutes of higher education. Our workshops focus on Interview Coaching, Career Planning, Self-Awareness and Finding Your Purpose, Communication & Presentation Skills, Developing your Personal Brand, Navigating Social Media, and LinkedIn Optimsation.

Corporate Events

We offer our corporate partners assistance in Planning and Developing an industry specific Interview Process that will further screen candidates to ensure that the best suited are successfully identified and chosen. Minimizing unnecessary waste of time and resources.

This offering includes Virtual & Physical Career Days, CSI Projects, developing Internship & Learnership Programs and Wellness Progams.

Part 1: Meet the Industry Leaders

Features our exclusive interviews with our international guest speakers as they share crucial tips for how you can prepare for your interviews but most importantly what recruiters and employers expect and look for in candidates during an interview.


Part 2: Interview Coaching Workshop

The Workshop is facilitated by our Founder, Coach K and walks you through how you can prepare for your interview; whether telephonic, video or face-to-face, including your conduct in the interview from how to answer the 5 Most Common Interview Questions to The 6 Worst Interview Mistakes and covers the most neglected part of the interview process – The Follow-up


Part 3: Exclusive Master Class

The recording of the exclusive live Master Class is made available in this bundle package.

Our Industry Leaders and Coach K host an intimate Master Class and answer specific interview related questions, while providing tailored answer that can help you focus the way you handle your upcoming interviews


Bundle Package:

Interview Like Champions is designed for Graduates, Young Professionals and Experienced Professionals who find themselves in the job market due to unforeseen circumstances and require a refresher course into what the new interview process is like and what it requires from you as a candidate.

We have partner with International Industry leaders, together with Coach K, who offer their combined experience of almost 45 years to give you the tools, skills and tips to master your next interview, regardless of industry.

Includes all 3 Parts of the webinar including the exclusive recording of the Master Class at a discounted rate. 



“We so often psych ourselves into a state of extreme anxiety because we think we have to be what the job description wanted, that we have say the perfect thing and make them see that you fit the job but honestly the job has to fit you. And that’s why I do this because I want everyone to understand that who they are, right now, in this moment, is enough for their dream job”


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