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Meet Coach K

I believe that everyone has a purpose to fulfill regardless of their background, experience, education or economic circumstances and that building confidence in self is the first step to aligning and transitioning into a successful career.
I have over 5 years Interview Coaching experience and almost a decade experience in Asset Management and Banking, as the first Continuous Improvement Specialist in Asset Management and the National Sales Portfolio owner for Performance Management at a leading Global Bank.

I quit my corporate career to make a tangible impact in the lives of others using a purpose driven approach; those who find themselves just starting their career journey and those who feel a deep need to finally align to their purpose and start chasing a holistically rewarding and fulfilling career….my aim is to make an impact one professional at a time…”

The Inception

K Management was founded 4 years ago and born from the idea that no-one should be rejected or hindered from attaining their dream job simply because they had a bad interview. The simple request from friends and colleagues, “Please help me with my interview” seemed to arise more and more often for our Founder and so with the increasing success rate of each informal interview preparation session the demand for our tailor-made, authentic, confidence focused and purpose driven program grew.

No Limitations

We have since stayed true to that initial model because the success of your interview is not always determined by how skilled you are at you your job or your qualifications but rather how well you present you your true self when called upon to do so.

Expanding Horizons

Our service offering has since grown to provide our candidates with a holistic approach on their career journey. So we no longer only help you prepare for an interview but also provide the foundational tools you will need to create a focused Career Plan, assess and assist you to update your CV and mentor you through your career journey.

“Its ok to be nervous before your interview, nerves are a good sign that what you’re doing matters to you. And listen to your body, listen to your intuition, pay attention if you’re still getting goose bumps about your job…because when all those stops is a pretty good sign that you have outlived that part of your career journey and need to re-evaluate”


Ready To Get Started?

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